Joetta spent her early years on a small farm in Kentucky drawing pictures for the outhouse wall. It wasn't ideal gallery space, but it did provide a captive, even contemplative audience.

Every picture told a story, every story stayed in her head. Now, the stories and images have come together revealing the best, worst and all that's in the middle, of a lifetime of experience and imagination.

She works in several genres including Picture Books, Chapter Books and Adult Fiction. Her manuscripts for adults: A Tainted Life and A Sorry Thing, have been completed and are actively being submitted for publication.
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She reserves her legal name, Joetta Currie, for Adult Fiction, and her pen name, Josey Etta, when writing for children. 

Joetta is an artist working in oil and mixed media. She also creates fine art mosaics and home decor. Visit Mosaic Art Place to see her latest works.

For almost 30 years, she owned and operated 
ArtVentures Studio, a visual art educational facility for children and teens in Texas. The studio has helped to inspire thousands of young artists to explore and develop their creative passions.  In turn, Joetta has been inspired by their wonderment, imagination and the freedom of limitless possibilities.

"Teaching art makes me a better artist and writer, technically and intuitively. It provides insight that without, I would never have acquired." 

She closed the ArtVentures facility in 2012 and now is writing and creating art for adults and children.

Working her way through art school in the early 80's

Painting in 1993.

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Joetta Currie

Artist  Writer

The farm in Kentucky, circa 1957.

Good creative FUN at ArtVentures Studio in 2007