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​​​Joetta Currie

​In the early years, Joetta Currie worked as a narrative artist, telling a small story while entertaining with vivid color and the malleable composition of the female form, using humor as she would color, line or shape; to suggest, expose and define a dichotomy of ideas, prejudices, and predilections. 

Currie's work evolved and now takes an introspective view of herself and life's impressions. A rich palette and a gentler sense of humor, reveal beautifully executed images that explore the organic nature of life.

Joetta also creates mosaic art from stained glass and found objects.  Visit her shop at 

"I love creating mosaics.  The feel of the glass, the clicking of the cutters and puzzling of shapes, are all cathartic.  Once the idea and composition are resolved, I can place tessera while thinking of my next work of art.  I can't do that while painting."


Joetta Currie

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